More than € 3.3 billion have been invested in renewable energy and energy efficiency of Ukraine for 5 years thanks to effective legislative changes

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21 08 2019
At the press conference at the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine,  Sergiy Savchuk presented to the journalists the results of work for 5 years and further goals.
The key results include:
✔ Natural gas consumption was reduced by population, public sector and district heating by 6 billion m3 per year in 2018 compared to 2014. Thus, Ukraine annually saves about 1.2 billion EUR on the natural gas purchase.
✔ 3.3 billion EUR have been attracted in renewable energy and energy efficiency projects due to effective regulatory incentives.
Most investments have been made in "clean" energy:
➡ more than 2.5 billion EUR - in installing about 3000 MW of renewable power capacities;
➡ more than 500 million EUR - in over 2200 MW of new biomass to heat generation capacities.
About 650 thous. families (equivalent to 2 regions) have insulated houses by “warm loans” co-financing from state and local budgets. 
There have been introduced many initatives for the first time in Ukraine.
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