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The State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine (SAEE) has developed a draft National Renewable Energy Action Plan until 2030
21 01 2022

The State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine (SAEE) has developed and submitted for public discussion the draft National Renewable Energy Action Plan until 2030.

The draft plan sets an indicative target for renewable energy consumption in 2030 at the level of 27%, including those in the following sectors:

• power sector - 25%;

• heating and cooling sectors - 35%;

• transport - 14%.

The plan sets goals for industry development until 2030 and provides for measures that will ensure the balanced development of renewable electricity, heat sectors and renewable energy consumption in transport.

Thus, given the technical and economic challenges in renewable energy, the plan is focused on the following, in particular:

• ensuring the sustainability of the generation of renewable energy facilities, increasing the reliability of energy supply, transferring seasonal changes in electricity demand;

• stimulating "clean" electricity production on a market basis;

• improving conditions for supporting energy cooperatives and private households;

• introducing mechanism for issuing guarantees of renewable energy origin;

• stimulating renewable energy sources usage in transport.

While preparing the draft plan, the SAEE has taken into account real state of renewable energy and relevant targets set in the already approved state strategic documents and European directives, as well as proposals of central executive authorities, relevant organizations, experts and research institutions.

The draft plan was prepared to implement the decision of the National Security and Defense Council dated 23.03.2021 "On challenges and threats to national security of Ukraine in the environmental sphere and priority measures to neutralize them", introduced by the Decree of the President of Ukraine dated 23.03.2021 № 111.

The draft plan has been agreed with the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine and sent for approval to the relevant executive authorities.

The discussion will last until February 20, 2022. The draft NREAP 2030 is published on the official SAEE web-site: https://saee.gov.ua/uk/content/elektronni-consultatsii. Proposals are accepted by e-mail: saeevde@gmail.com or address: 01001, Kyiv, lane Museum, 12.