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On April 22, Ukraine together with the world celebrates International Earth Day
22 04 2023

Protect the environment for the sake of the future and posterity! Different countries of the world pay attention to this on Earth Day. But Ukraine feels this problem more acutely than anyone else.

Every day, Ukrainians fight for the future, protecting the values of the civilized world. And russia continues to destroy all, committing ecocide.

Ukraine, by its own example and at great cost, shows the whole world how important it is to overcome dependence on "bloody" gas and oil, to resist energy terrorism.

"Our answer is to follow the global goals of sustainable development. And we know how to build this path. Our weapon is energy efficiency, innovation and decarbonization," the Head of the State Energy Efficiency Agency Anna Zamazeeva is convinced.

"We have already started implementing our strategy. The parliament supported our proposal and recently approved the law providing for the creation of the State Fund for Energy-Efficient Transformation and Decarbonization," Anna Zamazeeva  said.

The energy-efficient transformation and decarbonization fund will be replenished according to the "polluter pays" principle,  from revenues from the tax on CO2 emissions. Thanks to the fund, there will be reliable financing of state programs, attraction of international funds, grants for investment projects.

The State Energy Efficiency Agency plans to launch financial instruments to support the wide implementation of energy efficiency and decarbonization projects in various sectors of the economy during the country's recovery.