Working steadily and reliably, protecting the interests of Ukraine, is the primary mission of the state officials in the wartime period

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06 07 2022

Despite the complexity of the martial law, the SAEE continued to fulfill its functions and obligations under the Association Agreement with the EU in terms of energy efficiency and renewable energy without interruption, in order to help Ukraine gain the status of a candidate for EU membership.

In light of today's events, energy efficiency has acquired significant strategic importance for energy independence and sovereignty of both Ukraine and the EU. Therefore, the SAEE  has accelerated work on the implementation of EU directives and has developed proposals for cross-sectoral improvement of energy efficiency level within the framework of the Recovery Plan of Ukraine.

This was told by the Head of the SAEE Valerii Bezus during the online discussion with representatives of the higher civil service corps, initiated by the Head of the National Agency of Ukraine for Civil Service Nataliia Alyushina.

From the first days of Russia's active military aggression, the State Energy Efficiency Agency, in particular, organized constant performance of the tasks assigned by the Regulation and other legal acts, as well as international agreements.

Increasing energy efficiency level became one of the key decisions both for Ukraine and  the European Union in order to reduce dependence on imported energy sources and prevent risks of insufficient energy supply.

Therefore, one of the main tasks of the State Energy Efficiency Agency was to do maximum efforts to include energy efficiency as a mandatory component into the Recovery Plan of Ukraine.

The SAEE has taken an active part in the working group under the National Council for the Recovery of Ukraine and has developed an action plan for cross-sectoral energy efficiency improvement and decarbonization of the economy.

Also, during the martial law, the Agency  has intensified its work on all areas, especially regarding Ukrainian legislation harmonization with European legislation. Considerable attention has been paid to draft acts development for the implementation of the Law of Ukraine "On Energy Efficiency".

The SAEE has already prepared draft acts concerning the certification of energy and/or environmental management systems of economic entities; energy auditors accreditation; energy service development; ecodesign and energy labeling of equipment; improvement of the mechanism of tariff formation in the production of thermal energy from alternative types of fuel; calculation of the target indicator of the annual energy consumption reduction etc.

The SAEE continues the development of numerous technical regulations to establish requirements for eco-design and energy labeling of energy-consuming products according to EU standards. Another 17 technical regulations are being developed.

The SAEE has been also conducting other obligations: independent energy certificates monitoring; monitoring of heat energy and water commercial accounting introduction; calculating weighted average tariffs for thermal energy produced from natural gas for public institutions and the population, its transportation and supply; cooperating with the authorities on energy management systems introduction.

Also in accordance with the requirements of the RED-II directive, the National Renewable Energy Action Plan until 2030 was finalized, taking into account public suggestions. Together with the Ministry of Energy, Hydrogen Strategy of Ukraine is being developed. The Agency is developing a legislative framework for introducing guarantees of green energy origin, biomethane production, biofuels usage etc.

It is important not to waste time, but to create a legislative basis and conditions so that energy efficiency in its broad context penetrates into every sector of the economy.

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