German Galushchenko: The transition to clean energy is a matter not only of ecology, but of the independence

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23 09 2022

The Minister of Energy of Ukraine German Galushchenko and the Minister of Energy of the United States Jennifer Granholm met with leaders of public opinion, the most popular influencers and bloggers of the USA.

The main topic of the meeting was the change in the world energy order, caused by russia's arbitrary policy not only in the context of military aggression against Ukraine, but also russia's energy blackmail aimed at the countries of Europe and the world.

"The transition to clean energy is important, because it means independence for countries, in this case - from russia. Many countries have revised their energy strategies due to the current crisis. Yes, there are opinions that wind and solar energy are unstable. Instead, there is allegedly "stable" russian coal and gas. But russia does as it wishes, and this completely contradicts the idea of ​​stability. It stopped the supply of gas to Europe in order to artificially raise prices. One country can influence prices all over the world! All because the world once allowed to do it," the minister emphasized.

He noted that nations that rely on their own renewable resources can actually be free and feel secure.

"Clean energy gives freedom. Now this is not only an issue of ecology. This is a question of real independence for the states," German Galushchenko said.

The minister took the opportunity to inform the audience about the events in Ukraine in order to convey information to the American people as truthfully and clearly as possible through opinion leaders. He showed a documentary video with confirmations of russia's deliberate destruction of Ukraine's critical energy infrastructure. During six months of the invasion, about 7 million households suffered power outages as a result of the russian attacks.

Due to constant shelling of nuclear power plants, in particular the largest in Europe - the Zaporizhzhia NPP - the world is on the verge of a nuclear disaster.

Jennifer Granholm said: "We stand in solidarity with Ukraine and cooperate in all possible ways to alleviate the situation in which Ukraine finds itself now and to prevent similar situations in the future".

German Galushchenko called on the leaders of public opinion not to stand aside from the tragedy, which concerns not only Ukraine, but could become a catastrophe for the entire civilized world.