Ukraine is developing cooperation with Slovakia in energy efficiency

Created date

29 05 2023

During the visit to Slovakia, the Head of the State Energy Efficiency Agency of Ukraine (SAEE), Anna Zamazeeva, presented to international partners Ukraine's priorities in recovery, which are based on the energy efficiency and decarbonization principles.

Having a meeting with the Ambassador of Ukraine to Slovakia, Myroslav Kastran, the Head of the SAEE outlined the newly developed tools that will stimulate the introduction of energy efficiency projects in Ukraine:

  • the State Fund for Decarbonisation and Energy Efficient Transformation is a reliable source of funds for communities and businesses for energy-efficient purposes, and for investors it is a legally guaranteed source of return on investment;
  • The national leasing platform - with a wide range of functionality and capabilities: from the provision of services, technologies and state support to the development of feasibility studies of projects.

"All these tools will be a driver for scaling up energy-efficient projects in various sectors of the economy. And, what is important, we invite international, including Slovak, partners to cooperate within the framework of the leasing platform. We need technologies, equipment, and modern solutions - everything that will make Ukrainian communities and businesses more energy-efficient and energy-independent," the Head of the SAEE said.

Anna Zamazeeva also established a dialogue with representatives of the Slovak Innovative Energy Agency.

The parties agreed to exchange experience regarding:

  • ways of implementing European directives into Ukrainian legislation;
  • possibilities of simplifying accreditation procedures and recognition of qualifications of energy auditors in the EU.

"Slovakia has already gone this way, and their experience in the development and implementation of relevant methods and procedures will be very useful for us," the Head emphasized.

In addition, Slovak colleagues are ready to provide their educational program, which is designed not only to develop the creative thinking of junior and senior high school students, but also to introduce the principles of energy efficiency into everyday life from a young age.

Also, the State Energy Efficiency Agency of Ukraine, together with the Slovak Innovative Energy Agency, plans to hold a meeting with local manufacturers of energy-efficient equipment to present the benefits of the future Ukrainian leasing platform.

"Together with our Slovak partners, we started cooperation in the field of energy efficiency, as stipulated by the agreements of the Governments of Ukraine and Slovakia," concluded Anna Zamazeeva.

Communication and PR Department of the State Energy Efficiency Agency of Ukraine