Czech partners are interested in supporting Ukrainian communities and investing in their energy independence

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30 08 2023

This was discussed by the Head of the State Energy Efficiency Agency of Ukraine Anna Zamazeeva and representatives of the Czech fund "RSJ Investments" and their partner company.

The Czech partners assured of their desire to help Ukraine and Ukrainian communities become less energy dependent via realizing bioenergy projects.

The Czech fund is considering the possibility of installing biomass boilers in Ukraine. The scale of the plans is impressive: the total capacity of the boiler houses will be around 80 MW, and the amount of investments is more than 12 million euros. The goal is to ensure an uninterrupted supply of heat in Ukrainian hospitals and other institutions.

"Such projects as, for example, boiler houses using alternative types of fuel, are one of the most urgent solutions for Ukrainian communities. This is an opportunity to provide heat, first of all, to critical infrastructure facilities, even during energy challenges", Anna Zamazeeva emphasized.

Anna Zamazeeva presented huge potential of Ukrainian bioenergy, legislative field and initiatives that the Agency's team is working on to stimulate the attraction of investments in this sphere.

The parties went through all the obstacles faced by market participants in detail and discussed various ways to overcome them.

Based on the results of the meeting, the participants agreed to consolidate efforts to develop heat production from alternative fuels, as well as energy plants cultivation.

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