Anna Zamazeeva: Expanding the capabilities of the Decarbonization Fund will be our main task in 2024

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05 01 2024

Anna Zamazeeva, Head of the State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine (SAEE), told about the SAEE's work in 2023 during the final meeting with the team of the Ministry of Recovery of Ukraine with heads of diplomatic missions and civil society.

"The first step towards the systematic implementation of energy-efficient solutions is creating a legislative framework, strategies’ development and tools for implementing the corresponding state policy. In our work, we primarily rely on European integration commitments and our roadmap - the National Energy Efficiency Action Plan until 2030.

Regarding the implementation of the Law "On Energy Efficiency": 14 regulatory acts were developed and approved. To comply with the EU-Ukraine Agreement, in 2023 we developed 12 technical regulations on eco-design and energy labeling. To implement EU requirements for high-efficiency cogeneration development, there has been adopted the corresponding fundamental law, which foresees Ukraine's transition to high-efficiency cogeneration installations, and 6 by-laws have already been developed.

The State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine has also advocated for creating the State Fund for Decarbonization and Energy Efficient Transformation. In 2023, the first 2 regional offices on decarbonization and energy efficiency (in Dnipro, Kropyvnytskyi) were opened for cooperation with local authorities. We have also created a unique multimedia platform on decarbonization - UANDP, which will consolidate project collection, provision of technical energy-efficient solutions and financial instruments for their implementation.

Together with the Ministry of Recovery of Ukraine, we are developing programs that will support both communities and enterprises in implementing energy-efficient projects," said Anna Zamazeeva.

As for plans for 2024, the SAEE aims to continue working towards ensuring the full functionality of the created instruments and programs to stimulate decarbonization and energy-efficient transformation.

the Decarbonization Fund, as well as introducing other tools to stimulate energy-efficient transformation and the use of alternative fuels. In particular, it is planned to accumulate around $26 million for the operation of the State Decarbonization and Energy Efficiency Transformation Fund, expand the number of regional offices and stimulate the use of alternative fuels.

"Our unchanged priority is and will be the implementation of state policy in such areas as increasing energy efficiency, developing alternative fuels and decarbonization, which are relevant for European integration and reconstruction", summed up Anna Zamazeeva.